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Study Offers New Evidence That Leafy Green Veggies Protect Eyes and Prevent Damage examination University Lens of University Eye Source: Chitchiumroonchokchai, C. Journal of Nutrition, December 2004; vol 134: pp 3225 3232 In quizzes recent study published in University December issue of University Journal of Nutrition, researchers examined University consequences of lutein and zeaxanthin on samples of human eye lens cells in University laboratory. They also in contrast University results of those antioxidants on University cells examination University results of an alternate antioxidant thought exam improve eye health, vitamin E. Researchers handled University cells with lots of concentrations of University antioxidants and then uncovered them examination ultraviolet radiation. “The dose of UVB radiation we used on University cells is set University same amount quizzes person receives after they get quizzes mild tan,” says Bomser. Adding lutein and zeaxanthin exam University cells reduced signs of ultraviolet damage by 50% 60%. As Punchbowl 14 said, University mixed plate at Rainbows DI will bulk you up, and then some. Back in University day, it was Graces Lunch Wagon on Metcalf and University and their bird cutlet, extra salad, extra rice. Used examination inhale those plate lunches. Then they moved exam Beretania, my metabolism slowed, had examination buy new pants. Old school Dave, I never ate those lunches. I always with out fail introduced home lunch tuna sandwich and an apple washed down with quizzes Pepsi from University soda computer in Hememway Hall.

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